Prayer, Food, Old Corn

Potomac Park Camp

July 27, 1946



He Is the Divine Disturber. Before He dared to lift His hand to disturb us we were already baptized, sanctified, almost glorified (ha).

I remember when He disturbed my prayer life. Sometimes He begins the revolutionizing almost in every department of our lives. Things in which we have moved in great complacency and great blessing. Prayer is not merely some technique, a certain system producing effects out here; you can’t reduce prayer to that. Prayer is a life. He sometimes comes into our prayer life and revolutionizes the whole thing. Learn not to be afraid of the dealings of the Lord. The difference between spiritual and naturally religious; there is a difference between being blessed and fed. Food quality within your soul, word of God, working, disturbing, corrective. Food remains with you long after the blessing has gone. Disturbing your complacency in your heart during these meetings. I have rather had a good strong conviction after me than just saying glory glory… You feed me with the food that is convenient. Truth which is adequate and true portion, God gives us. The person has to be responsible to God for that portion of truth. No glowing reports such as miracles, the miracle is after all a fleeting, perishing thing, unless it affects something eternal. I live, yet not I, a strange miraculous thing happens in me. You can’t kill that miracle by dying, you release it. That lovely miracle escapes and lives and develops on. 

Christ within us seeking His portion. Baptism brings revolution and terrific disturbance. It is a divine explosion which brings to the surface all things good and evil. 

He has to build up a background where the truth can find receptivity.

 It is written you can do that, prove it! The devil did that, and Jesus didn’t prove God that way. 

I don’t need to shine up the Lord’s glory at all. I am not Pentecostal according to a technique or pattern. If you expect God to come thru and move, well God won’t move that way. Always let God take the initiative on the simplest or most tremendous issues. All hell can’t move you when He speaks the word and takes the initiative. “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” Religious desire and energy wants to do something to show God off. Someone will say if they would only have faith, so and so… No, it is not a question of faith; it is a question of sense, of knowing the ways of God. Lord, from devil or Lord, from good flesh-some people can’t distinguish between the two. They need an entirely different and new revelation of truth and of the Christ. They had to enter into conflict. Kings, cities to be taken. Calls forth energies, power which they didn’t have even while they were eating manna. One Christ but different aspects and grasping of the truth and revelation. (He) changes their food, corn, fruit of the land, etc. As a result of embracing the truth and the Christ in this form they acquire strength which is necessary to posses that which He had given. Behold, I have given you the whole land. All things in Jesus I find; how many of it do you possess? I am still talking possessive mood. This is the land, but you got to go in to possess it. 

We come into a fresh place in the spirit. He says I put that hunger in you. There is your land, it is for you. Now by faith venture in by faith, possess it. On the gift level we can have so many things, but we move in another realm which does not come by asking; now He says you have to seek it and find it. It involves difficulty. In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and truth. All (are) hidden in Him; not manifest, but hidden. 

(The) same lovely Jesus. Christ is a treasure chest; treasures hidden in the Christ. Hidden means difficulty. That’s a treasure, search that out. I have to enter into a difficulty, something which will test me, prove my patience, which will prove my faith, endurance, something that is going to have a reaction on me. Reactionary-what it will do on this immortal spirit. It will still take faith, fellowship or likeness of Christ stamped upon them, or that fellowship is not complete (for) those that eat only manna. 

Parched corn. Giants. Not all conflict is out here in the world. You are asking progress in an entirely different world. You don’t have to have teeth to eat manna. Parched corn has been near the fire. “Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial that has come to roast your corn.” That has come to cook an ear of corn for you. It has a flavor and a sweetness that no other corn has. Nice green corn..No! Old Corn! Feed me-there is an ear of corn. “Think it not strange concerning the fire, because it is unto cooking your corn?” Sometimes our hands tremble. It is pretty nearly done now. All the sweetness. God brought you through as a building, (a) growing element, you will never forget it. Overcoming saints. The Bride of Christ!

What speaks to us of a certain principle or type? Bride of Christ! You can become very technical in your explanations and not get the essence of the thing. “These are those who follow the Lamb withersoever He went.” The principle is there. A group of people that follow withersoever He goeth. You desire to walk in the Spirit and understanding great things God has for everyone of us. (The) Song of Solomon; every bit of her anatomy (analogy) is a spiritual picture. We are candidates for their manifestation, not yet found all of them in us. The Bride has teeth, (an) overcoming group. “Thy teeth are as a flock of sheep which go up from the washing whereof everyone beareth twins and there is not one barren among us.” Teeth-perfect mastication of truth. She is able to take her portion of truth where it belongs. A lot of truth goes into the ear. Folks don’t know how to feed themselves, they poke it in their ears; wrong place. This food goes into the mouth; she has teeth, eating power. She can take that truth, old corn, parched corn. She has gone thru a period of teething, cutting teeth like sheep going up from their washing. To see people growing up. Teeth go in twins. She has cut them all. Something in the new nature begins to do something. There is a movement in the new nature. We are not all born with a lot of teeth; potentially we have the possibilities of teeth. We are born of the Spirit with every potential power (and) possibility of everything I’ll ever have through the eternal ages, because they are deposited within me in (the) new birth. That is why God is after us to release and feed us. (The) new creation comes to us in embryo form that we may grow. Children, when they cut teeth, cry. When you see a saint cutting teeth, be patient. I’ll kindle a fire for you. Every bit of truth and knowledge that comes to us even as workers is primarily that we may grow thereby. Then you are able to bless and minister, feel, enter into the work. Work is only a by-product. 

New nature has a new law, entirely new order and has to live on the revelation of that word. There ought to something (going on) in every heart and life. Truth-the thing I am inwardly changed through the power of the ministry of the Word which is my food.


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