Welcome to Accumulation

Accumulation is just that-an accumulation of thoughts, ideas and experiences. Hopefully it will serve to inform as well as entertain.

Chose a category that interests you and feel free to leave a comment. Articles are written from experience, knowledge and interest. Some require research which are documented. If you are a Christian, a bereaved parent, medical personnel, writer, or someone that loves to read, you will find something to spark your curiosity.

Special Feature
Sermons by John Wright Follette.

Some of the sermons posted have never been published. His work continues through the preservation of items left in the care of Shirley (Jackie) Scribner. What is posted on this site is for the free use of his works and NOT to be reprinted for sale in any manner.



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John Wright Follette

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  1. Vickie, this is a fantastic site. You are a brilliant writer.

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