Sovereign Lord

He is my Lord and He deserves honor and glory and respect from His people. Too many “Christians” today miss the importance of God’s sovereignty. I hear that He kept company with lepers, prostitutes, thieves, and all sorts of people that the Pharisees condemned. On any given day the Lord was seen with these people, but there is a very important distinction to remember; these people followed Him. He did not follow them. He did not go to hang out with them. He went to a town and usually went to the temple but if not, He would go wherever He could be heard. People flocked to Him. Most of the time they were looking for healing, healing of the mind, body and soul. These people that were already dead, needed life, and that is what Jesus gave them-life.

Any life that is full of sin eventually begins to decay. That decay comes from a soul that has gone without nourishment for too long. We were not made to dwell in a state of mankind’s sense of pleasure. That was handed down to man in the garden and part of the death sentence Adam and Eve brought on themselves. We were made to worship a Holy God. We were made to commune with Him and walk with Him.

When I see people writing on social media that the Lord was full of compassion for people that others consider “sinners”, I have to wonder what their understanding of sin is. We are all sinners but modern man doesn’t want to hear that. If you say it to someone you are told you are judging. Well, no, I repeat; we are all sinners. No one has gone through life without sinning. It is in the nature of man to sin. We get very good at it. So good, that we convince ourselves that sin really doesn’t matter. After all, everyone does it and so who are you to judge?

How can you realize that you need a Savior if you don’t admit you are sinner? What need do you have of Him? So why pretend you are a Jesus follower when you don’t even believe that it was because of you that He died? If there was one sinner on earth, He would have come and died just like He did because He doesn’t want any to perish. Perish is exactly what the bible says. Why would it be used if sin did not have consequences? If sin separates you from God on earth, it will certainly separate us from Him in the afterlife.

Reconciliation comes through the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross. He willingly laid down on that cross and gave up His spirit so that we can have a relationship with Him and the Father, and live eternally with them. Otherwise, we have no life, not here and not after our bodies are placed in the ground. Some people do not believe that God sends anyone to hell. He doesn’t, we send ourselves there because we never accept salvation, so Jesus does not dwell in us. There is but one door to the kingdom of God and Jesus stands on the other side. You either walk through it or not. It is your choice. If you never walk through it, you will never reach the throne of God. Your soul will dwell in darkness for an eternity, no ending.

I was told today by a so-called Christian that Jesus was not a king. He never proclaimed himself king and it was all made up by man because that is what they wanted. She in turn posted a script that said He was a dark skinned community organizer. This is my point about today’s Christians. He is either your King or just a man that came to fix all the ills of the world and fight for justice for all. That thought is so unbiblical it is hard to understand how anyone professing Christianity can believe it. There is a dark movement in the church today to water down the gospel and make it more appealing to people that want to live their lives without regard to a savior. He is nice to talk about and if you only point out the things you like about him, he might be worth following. This is not truth, and it is not worship. God doesn’t change for us. The religious leaders might bend to man’s will, but God does not bend. You see, He is sovereign. He does not need you. He does not need you to hold anything together for Him. He made you and everything in the universe. There are billions of stars and planets we have never seen. He has placed all things in order and has kept them going. He does not need you to keep gravity in its place or the oceans where they belong. He is the almighty. How dare any of us twist His words for our gain. We are lower than a worm and He could squash us at any time. We do not deserve Him. We have not earned His favor or His love yet, He gives it any way.

If anyone thinks they are above accepting this God Almighty, then walk your way. When you do and turn your back, you will have given up the most precious gift that has ever been offered to you. He is not a joke, He is not an imagination, He is real, and He holds all things together and when He returns, He will come with such a mighty shout that all knees will bow, and all tongues will confess that He is Lord of All! That includes you. That includes the president, the earthly kings, the big-time rock stars, the witches and warlocks and atheists. You cannot run from Him nor hide. You will kneel before Him. It’s better to do it now and accept Him as your Savior. It just doesn’t make sense not to.

If you think He will try to change you, you are right. He will take your dead wasted soul and breathe life into it. He will pour His light into you that will shine beyond your wildest dreams. He will love you unconditionally-forever! Just doesn’t make sense not to.


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