July 26, 1946 Potomac Park

Prayer: We are just moving about Thee, Lord, hungry to meet Thee. Thou canst not minister to a confused, restless spirit, but help us to rest and open carefully and serenely.

He cannot minister to my soul when my spirit is agitated, my spirit must be at rest before He can minister.

I do my bleating, than I do my eating.

I belonged to the Student Volunteer Movement [and] wanted to go to China; the Lord stopped me. He said, “I’ll let you get some other missionaries ready instead. I’ll let you go by proxy. You can be in fifty places at once.”

Years ago the Lord gave me lovely truth; thought everybody would accept it but resistance was found, [it] broke my heart [and] gave me in vision this multitude of sheep so thin, just fleeces, and bones milling around bleating [and] bleating and I was also bleating and bellowing. I asked the Lord to forgive me. He told me He would feed them. He said, “You may not be able to reap very much, but I’ll put a basket on your arm and food in it, and people who will smell the food, that’s one I picked out, one who will know what’s in it.” It was not a message I concocted. Sometimes just three or four out of 500 would rub their noses on the basket, but not too small when you think of Jesus. Jesus taught the multitude, but by parables, in parable fashion, but when He was alone with His disciples He expounded all things to them. I am in the woods just so long then I hear the bleating again, then He sends me out with the basket of food for those who have ears to hear and who can appreciate and sense the need. My messages have not been on doctrinal points thus far, but we need food, we need to be served and need to eat.

Sweet lovely touch in worship overwhelmed me with a sense of worship. Remember that service one night.

The sheep that represented the flock was lame in its leg. This is representative of the general group here. That sheep limps so. The general need of the flock is not a difficulty of the mind at all; we have wonderful revelations of truth. What are you doing with what He has given to you? Not lodged in the heart, but in the leg; people’s walk in life. Not the proper application of the truth which we already have received. Our life is not parallel with the light. We should not ask for greater light, we have light. The Lord will ask us, what have you done with the light we have had all these years? Not more Pentecost but [what] have we allowed Him to do in our lives? God really desired a better application of truth in our lives in the very beginning. Pray this prayer: “Feed us with the food that is convenient for us.” That puts all responsibility of feeding upon the one who is breaking the bread-Lord Jesus- [it is] also in respect and choice, and particular in the elements of food we may want. I like short prayers. “Feed me with that which is my portion.”

Prodigal: When he came to himself [his] surface need [was] stomach, but he had a deeper need, he himself. Sit at [the] Father’s table properly. Don’t stick your finger in the cake. “Lord feed me with the food that is convenient for me.” [There are] no sect or group of people who have a corner on truth.

God is continually pushing us through a series of crisis. [The] whole life of Christ [is] like that. Push him thru into a new episode in his life. New crisis, magnificent, daring and wonderful crisis thru which He leads us; nothing static about his life. It is the most marvelous place of adventure I know of. A continual discovery, but it is a progressive unfolding and revelation to which I must bring all that is of me, and place it before that crisis and pass thru it by the grace of God and get thru a new episode of Christian living. I must have a new bit of truth which is adequate for that every time.

I used to be with the Holiness people, but pretty nearly lost my life pulling out my old man out of me. Sanctified holy and their pattern which is not scriptural. They were sweetly kept from anything more, because in their approach to this truth they are limited by what their teaching taught them and they rested within the power of that. I did get something out of them. Then I came into Pentecost, best thing, real thing, although it has accrued some of the barnacles with the ship sailing and got tied on to it; some funny things that got in with them. But, they so enlarged upon certain features and ride it to death which is truth, building around that, but not around Christ; life becomes centered there and it should be centered in the Christ. You can’t sit down in this marvelous experience. It is a progressive unfolding. Don’t park on one feature. I keep my emphasis and distinctive mark in the Christ. Some say we are Acts 2:4 and no more- ha! Fresh clear revelation of [the] word and Christ are parallel.

Mann; showbread,divine nature of Christ. Corn; parched corn, fruit of the land, milk, honey, characterizes the spiritual food of which we are to partake. Every time God moved them from one expression of life to another, God always made a change in their diet. Israel in Egypt; garlic, cucs, onions, etc. [He] took them out of Egypt through a crisis. They passed through [the] power of miracles; [the] Red Sea-doorway through to [the] wilderness. God’s supernatural intervention and arrangement for them to pass through, they didn’t stay in the Red Sea. [They] passed through the miracle into another blessing place. Enjoy the blessing and power of it and pass over into this wilderness on their way [to their objective-Canaan land], but they didn’t know how to adjust themselves in the new place, they murmured, they have to have something to keep them alive. What is going to be the portion, they have to have the sustaining portion to do that. They think of what they have had and they murmur. A mixed multitude lusted for the things that were past. There is always that unsettled question that you have never brought to an issue and brought to God. It is the loose hold the enemy can get at, flesh will move upon, neither one nor the other; a mixed multitude began to lust, couldn’t adjust themselves. God sensed it and was grieved. “You can’t do that- all that-No.”

There is something positive about it, you forget the things which are past. He has something better. You want something to eat. You have had to have something to eat to sustain you. You are in the wilderness for developing. It has to be the new food. He works a miracle; [He] brings the manna. It is not of the earth, it is miraculous food. It cannot have its roots in the earth; it has to be born in the heavenly realm, born of the Spirit.

A picture of their sustaining spiritual need to help them while they move over this transitional period over into Canaan.

Manna is a type of Jesus. Not born of anything of the flesh. “I am the Bread which came down from heaven.” It came in the night. Manna, “In the fullness of time, Christ was born.” What was over the face of the earth when Jesus was? Darkness [was] over the face of the earth, all gone into a total eclipse of darkness. Where did He send it? [He sent it] to the earth, to the earth, not on the bushes or trees. How low is the humiliation of Christ [when] He comes down to the human? Jesus rested on the dust. Mary gave Him a body to move in. He bore the human concept of man. How close does He come to you and me? I am made of dust, but I carry this treasure in my dust heap. The Holy Spirit humbles Himself; He hasn’t His own body but says, “I’ll live in you.” I dwell in Him. We are temples, temples of the living God and also tabernacles; little collapsible tents- a pup tent, just a little tent that will cover [us]. [It] emphasizes the frailties of the human. I have another dwelling place. It isn’t made like this tabernacle; I shall go and dwell in it. This little collapsible tent, a wind can blow it over.

They eat this manna for years and years; had only one kind of manna, not different kinds for priests or Moses. Moses ate manna. And the weakest , feeblest kind at manna. Same Bible, same Jesus, same revelation, but difficulty lodges in those that ate it. [The] greatest saints in the world had only that same Christ; eating of the same Christ. What are our powers of apprehension? What do we appreciate or understand of Him when we take this manna? Some offered only meal, some oxen, but what a difference in the powers of apprehension, powers of discerning or penetration in God.

God proves us, not we God! I never prove that there is a God or any elemental thing. He takes it for granted they are intelligent to know.

He pushes them up to another crisis. [The] divine intelligence of God in supernatural; spiritual workings. They have exhausted all. The miracle of the Jordan comes in. [It is] another miracle. You can leave a little memorial there, but don’t park in it. Erect a little memorial but, come on with me. We are going places. Some people are still walking around their memorials. They talk about that stone and this stone. The rest are going on across, you better leave them. God’s going to take some folks with Him. “It was supernatural”, you say. “Yes, but leave this and come on.” You are of more value. I have a lot more spernautral deliverances. Take up courage and cross Jordan and at last enter Canaan. [I] crossed this last terrible death, old life, buried in Jordan, at last walking Canaan which flows with milk and honey. Now I have got you out of that wilderness where you had manna and you found it was the sustaining portion. We hear diet again. This manna manifestation is not convenient, but it was Jesus, yes but that was the one initial sustaining revelation of the Christ which would abide with you and carry you successfully thru the wilderness, but I am training and qualifying you into a new order of life. In this new order of life called Canaan land you have to have your diet changed. “And the children of Israel did eat manna for 40 years until they came to a land enriched, and they did eat of the old corn of the land on the morrow after the passover, unleavened cakes, and parched corn in the self-same day. And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna anymore; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.” Josh. 5:11-12.

And the manna ceased right there, no more manna but they did eat of the fruit of the land that year. Jesus, where is Jesus, did you take Him out of my life? Where is Jesus? Don’t get jittery. [A] sustaining diet, it will keep you going, it will not strengthen you unto a rigorous woman-manna-it carries you. Manna was a sustaining diet to the children of Israel while they were passing through the wilderness, but when in Canaan- another diet. Canaan is never a type of heaven. Why? Because in Canaan they have wailed cities to take, they had 31 kings to conquer, you had to go in and put your foot on them and possess it and take it. Giants too. I have given it to you but you have got to take it. All things in Jesus I find, but I got to hunt out a lot of them. See and ye shall find. Hunt for this. You have showed up on a new plane now. Giants [are] in the land, walled cities, etc. Manna could never sustain them for that. They couldn’t take a cty on the strength of manna. It is not now the sustaining diet, but a diet which is strengthening and overcoming, [it] reacts in you; builds in your qualifications. We have the same lovely Jesus, but the presentation of truth when saved and when baptized will carry you just so far and it stops. You can jump and howl but never [it will] never take you through. That first initial revelation was to introduce you into the realm of the spiritual, a continual progressive unfolding in you until we begin to into the thing what God said was your destiny. Everything was made for that. [He is] going to bring you as an individual, as a people, as a movement, up to a new crisis, a new door, and if you dare to move through there…
You might as well know right now your diet must change. Impact of truth, you can’t move into God with that impact of truth, but you need a fresh impact of truth. It will carry this soul into this new order. We don’t get another Jesus, but new lovely, fresh glimpses of the personality and work of Christ that must be continually discovered. Seek it and the revelation dawns. Ask, and every elementary basic thing comes to us by asking. Baptism is a gift. Prayer is a life, pray without ceasing. Seek and then it will be discovered to you.

There is a cry in your soul you cannot describe, there is a seeking that will provoke in us this strange thing of seeking. Keep seeking keep pushing in. Don’t ask for another thing, you got all you can hold now. Seek, seek, seek. There will be a continual revelation and unfolding. We are now in a new period. {It is an} impact of truth on the inner consciousness, not intellect. Not only to sustain, but it begins to qualify. It gives me character, quality. You have divine nature upon [the] basis of asking and receiving, but all these fine qualities of character have t come entirely by a different method. We cannot move under the power and strength of initial revelation, but sit still, enjoy them, but don’t move under the strength of them anymore. Desire that you may grow. This milk. Grow is [the] objective, not serve. [The] embryo in us must grow. Strong meat. You don’t depreciate or set aside anything He has given us, leave it, move on, but don’t throw them away. You will have to have a fresh revelation of Jesus for the new crisis.


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