Sovereign Lord

August 18, 2022

He is my Lord and He deserves honor and glory and respect from His people. Too many “Christians” today miss the importance of God’s sovereignty. I hear that He was kept company with lepers, prostitutes, thieves, and all sorts of people that the Pharisees condemned. On any given day the Lord was seen with these people but there is a very important distinction to remember; these people followed Him. He did not follow them. He did not go to hang out with them. He went to a town and usually went to the temple but if not He would go wherever He could be heard. People flocked to Him. Most of the time they were looking for healing; healing of the mind, body and soul. These people that were already dead. They needed life, and that is what Jesus gave them-life.

Any life that is full of sin eventually begins to decay. That decay comes from a soul that has gone without nourishment for too long. We were not made to dwell in a state of mankind’s sense of pleasure. That was handed down to man in the garden and part of the death sentence Adam and Eve brought on themselves. We were made to worship a Holy God. We were made to commune with Him and walk with Him.

When I see people writing on social media that the Lord was full of compassion for people that others consider “sinners”, I have to wonder what their understanding of sin is. We are all sinners but modern man doesn’t want to hear that. If you say it to someone you are told you are judging. Well, no, I repeat; we are all sinners. No one has gone through life without sinning. It is in the nature of man to sin. We get very good at it. So good, that we convince ourselves that sin really doesn’t matter. After all, everyone does it and so who are you to judge?

How can you realize that you need a Savior if you don’t admit you are sinner? What need do you have of Him? So why pretend you are a Jesus follower when you don’t even believe that it was because of you that He died? If there was one sinner on earth, He would have come and died just like He did because He doesn’t want any to perish. Perish is exactly what the bible says. Why would it be used if sin did not have consequences? If sin separates you from God on earth, it will certainly separate us from Him in the afterlife.

Reconciliation comes through the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross. He willingly climbed on that cross and gave up His spirit so that we can have a relationship with Him and the Father and live eternally with them. Otherwise, we have no life, not here and not after our bodies are placed in the ground. Some people do not believe that God sends anyone to hell. He doesn’t, we send ourselves there because we never accept salvation so Jesus does not dwell in us. There is but one door to the kingdom of God and Jesus stands on the other side. You either walk through it or not. It is your choice. If you never walk through it, you will never reach the throne of God. Your soul will dwell in darkness for an eternity, no ending.

I was told today by a so-called Christians that Jesus was not a king. He never proclaimed himself king and it was all made up by man because that is what they wanted. She in turn posted a script that said He was a dark skinned community organizer. This is my point about today’s Christians. He is either your King or just a man that came to fix all the ills of the world and fight for justice for all. That thought is so unbiblical it s hard to understand how anyone professing Christianity believe it. There is a dark movement in the church today to water down the gospel and make it more appealing to people that want to live their lives without regard to a savior. He is nice to talk about and if you only point out the things you like about him he might be worth following. This is not truth and it is not worship. God doesn’t change for us. The religious leaders might bend to man’s will but God does not bend. You see, He is sovereign. He does not need you. He does not need you to hold anything together for Him. He made you and everything in the universe. There are billions of stars and planets we have never seen. He has placed all things in order and has kept them going. He does not need you to keep gravity in its place or the oceans where they belong. He is the almighty. How dare any of us twist His words for our gain. We are lower than a worm and He could squash us at any time. We do not deserve Him. We have not earned His favor or His love yet, He gives it any way.

If anyone thinks they are above accepting this God Almighty, than walk your way. When you do and turn your back, you will have given up the most precious gift you will ever have offered to you. He is not a joke, He is not an imagination, He is real and He holds all tings together and when He returns He will come with such a mighty shout that all knees will bow and all tongues will confess that He is Lord of All! That includes you. That includes the president, the earthly kings, the big time rock stars, the witches and warlocks and atheists. You cannot run from Him nor hide. You will kneel before Him. It’s better to do it now and accept Him as your Savior. It just doesn’t make sense not to.

If you think He will try to change you, you are right. He will take your dead wasted soul and breathe life into it. He will pour His light into you that will shine beyond your wildest dreams. He will love you unconditionally-forever! Just doesn’t make sense not to.


April 27, 2021

Washington County, North Carolina

Have you ever walked through an old house filled with such character that you have wondered, “If only this house could talk, I wonder what tales it would speak?” Lake Phelps, located in Washington County, North Carolina and just seven miles south of Creswell off of US 64, is full of hidden tales and wonderment.

The lake was discovered in 1755 by Josiah Phelps. Not much is known about his life except what has been passed down through many Phelps generations. Family traditions place him in Ireland as a young lad and returning there not long after the discovery of the lake. He sailed back to America after a short stay in Ireland and lived out the rest of his life in North Carolina. Many Phelps descendants still live in Washington County. According to Phelps family members the discovery of the lake goes something like this. Josiah and his brother, Long John, were exploring a thick forest when they came upon a bear cub. Knowing that its mother could not be far behind they became very cautious and not to their surprise, the mother showed up not too friendly. They climbed a tree to avoid her attack and while up the tree they saw a lake. When they finally left the tree, Josiah ran to the lake and staked it as his claim. There are different versions of the story one of which has a Benjamin Tarkington up the tree and first spotting the lake. This goes to show that there are always two sides to a story.

Although Josiah’s discovery was the beginning of colonial development on the lake, it was home to many Native Americans thousands of years before. [1]In 1992 prehistoric dugout canoes were discovered on the lakes bottom. Of the thirty canoes discovered so far, nineteen have been radiocarbon-dated, the oldest dating back as far as 2430 B.C.  making it the second oldest dugout canoe in the nation. Two of the canoes are on display near the lake’s boat ramp. When you view these canoes you are amazed at how narrow the dugouts are. The longest canoe is 37 feet with most of its trunk hollowed out just wide enough for a person to stoop in.. Many artifacts were also discovered and archeological studies are continuing along the lake banks. The findings within the depths of this 16,000 acre lake may well release an understanding of the first inhabitants on the lake that we have not known before. [2]It is believed that the Algonquian Indians that once flourished here died of disease before the discovery by Josiah.

Once the lake was discovered it did not take long before the American colonists saw ways to utilize its natural wealth. Two prominent families that built plantations by the lake begin to stand out from this period. During the 1780-90’s Charles Pettigrew and Josiah Collins began to develop the land surrounding the lake. They each built canals to the Scuppernong River that eventually gave them shipping passages to the West Indies and New York.

Charles Pettigrew was the first bishop of the Episcopal Church of North Carolina. He also owned two plantations; Belgrade and Bonarva located at Lake Phelps. Charles had five children of which only one would live to adulthood. This child, Ebenezer, was a visionary and eventually made the plantation at Bonarva successful by shipping primarily wheat and corn by way of his own schooner to Charleston, Norfolk and New York.  He eventually ran for congress in 1835 serving one term.

Ebenezer had nine children and suffered the loss of four before adulthood. His son James Johnston Pettigrew became a general for the confederacy during the Civil War and fought at Gettysburg where he was wounded during the charge on Cemetery Ridge. He received a more fatal wound during the withdrawal at Gettysburg and died on July 14, 1863. Situated on Lake Phelps is the Pettigrew State Park which encompasses the lake, Somerset Place State Historic Site and part of the Bonarva plantation. The mansion no longer exists but the Pettigrew family cemetery can be visited during park hours.

The second plantation built along the Lake Phelps shores was called Somerset. This plantation was one of the largest in the State by the 1830’s. Josiah Collins began cultivating the plantation before the turn of the century which eventually became home to two generations of Collins. This ante-bellum plantation consisted of several out buildings such as; the kitchen, smokehouse, dairy, Colony House, slave quarters, hospital and main house. Many of these buildings are still standing and are open to the public. The main house is exceptionally well cared for and is filled with period furnishings including some from the Collins family collection.

Archeology has played a large part in understanding the life styles, culture and traditions of those that inhabited this ante-bellum plantation. Over three hundred slaves worked the plantation, dug the canals and built the many out buildings. Much of the archeology being conducted will eventually result in the recreation of several buildings in the slave community.*  Somerset Place is home to periodic reunions of slave descendants and Collins family members. The park is also used for many family reunions each year.

From its modest beginning when the Algonquin Indians fished the lake and hunted in the virgin forests, to the discovery by an Irish immigrant named Phelps, to the development of two plantations by men of vision, Lake Phelps has housed all of the secrets of the men and women that used its resources for thousands of years. As each year passes with new discoveries of the past what will it whisper to us?

I would like to leave you with a short passage from  “The Pettigrew Papers” written by Charles Pettigrew in a letter to John Leigh, June 29, 1790.” On my right is the Lake, which gives an extensive prospect, & presents me with a fine southern & western Horizon over the tops of a circular streak of woods… A vast plain of water fills the intermediate space, which, in respect to the time, & the manner of its formation into so large & beautiful a Reservoir, must ever be a subject of, conjecture only, as neither tradition nor history afford any assistance to the curious enquirer.”

Park Information

For more information on Lake Phelps visit the following web sites; North Carolina Discoveries,,  NC Archaeology: Phelps Lake Canoes,,htm.  Pettigrew State Park,

Direct contact can be made to the park by calling; 919-797-4475

The park offers, hiking trails, picnicking, camping, fishing, boating and educational programs as well as the Somerset Place Historic Site

[1] Mark Wilde-Ramsing, Underwater Unit, North Carolina Office of State Archaeology, reprint from the NEWSLETTER of the North Carolina Archaeological Society, Winter 1992, Volume 2, Number 4. NC Archaeology: Phelps Lake Canoes website,;htm

[2] e-mail, Sid Shearin, Superintendent, Pettigrew State Park

[3] The Pettigrews of North Carolina, brochure by, Northeastern Historic Places Office, Historic Sites Section North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

[4] Somerset Place, An Insightful View of life on an Antebellum Plantation, brochure by North Carolina Historic Sites Division of Archives and History, Department of Cultural Resources

[5] Edited by Sarah McCulloh Lemmon “The Pettigrew Papers Volume I 1685-1818” excerpt from a letter written by Charles Pettigrew to John Leigh, June 29, 1790 page 89.

(c) 1998

“Mommy-my home”

February 11, 2018

(A true story about a little boy in foster care system)

I picked Paul up from the playpen. He was a fat baby. At six months old he weighed twenty pounds. I threw him on my hip and headed for the kitchen to get the phone-it was DYFS, Division of Youth and Family Services. They had another child they wanted me to take. He was two years old and coming from another foster home because the foster parents had split up, and Mom was left at home without any electric. It was an “immediate withdrawal” as the case worker explained. Sounded like a military tactic. I told her I had to check with my husband and would call her right back. I decided it would be easier to talk on the phone without Paul on my now sadly sore hip so I put him back in the playpen. He was such a good baby. He just picked up a toy, looked at me with those big blue eyes and started chewing.
I called my husband, Larry and told him that DYFS had called with a placement. I explained the situation to him and asked what he thought
“Go for it. The child needs a home, which should be good enough.” he said.
I called the case worker back and she said she would be over within the hour. I was kind of shocked that it would be done so quickly. She explained that they were removing the child without notice to the foster parent and it could get ugly. All of a sudden I was very concerned. “What do you mean ugly?” I asked.
She explained that the foster parents have had the child from birth. His parents are both patients at the State mental facility. The foster parents were due to adopt the child but they split and DYFS just couldn’t have that. They wanted them together. She also explained that it was unacceptable that the foster mother did not have any electric. She did not alert the caregivers that she was coming. It all seemed a bit cruel to me. I could not understand why they would not help the woman with her electric. If the child was with a blood parent they would do everything in their power to keep the family together. This little boy only knew this woman as his mother. He had been with her his whole life. She was Mommy! It did not matter-he had to be removed.
I called Larry back and told him the little fella would arrive within the hour. His job was very flexible so he came straight home. He got there the same time the case worker did.
The case worker was a big woman. Probably five foot ten. She carried this little boy into the house. He had straight dark brown hair-a bit long and the deepest dark brown Spanish eyes I had ever seen. You could see that he had been crying. My heart went out to him. He didn’t know what was happening. He had just been ripped away from his Mommy. I went over and took him in my arms and sat down. He just starred off into space. The case worker, Eleanor, explained that Adam was two years old, his parents were patients at the State psychiatric hospital and somehow got together and produced this child. A cousin had been trying to get him for the past two years but it was clear that the foster parents would adopt until now, their split ended that. She said the father’s cousin would never get him because she lives in the same neighborhood as the father, and he was to have no contact with the child as well as the mother. The case was still in the courts but expected to be settled very soon.
Eleanor handed me one bag of clothing and told me to call her if I needed anything and then she left. So here we stood with this two year old child, so frightened, so confused. All we could do is hold him until he was ready to explore his new surroundings.
My two sons; Larry eleven years old and Craig nine, came home from school to find our new addition in the living room playing with Paul. I explained the situation to them and they went over and greeted him. They seemed pleased to have another foster child in the house. Adam took to them very quickly and began following them around every where they went. It was the days that they were at school that he sat in the living room and cried, “Mommy, Mommy,” It broke my heart to see him so sad. I would gather him up in my arms and sit him down and tell him that this was his new home and that we loved him very much.
We had placed a single bed in the nursery with Paul so Adam would not feel alone at night. He enjoyed having Paul with him. After putting them to bed I would hear Adam whispering to Paul; silly little things. Paul could not talk back of course but he would give an occasional giggle.
Our family tried to make life as normal as possible for Adam. We took him to Grandma’s, (my husband’s mother), which he loved. She always made a fuss over him. The first time she met him she held him in her lap and he picked up the big cross she wore around her neck and looked at her and said, “Jesus.” To say he was smart was an understatement. His vocabulary was impeccable for a two year old.
When we became foster parents we were told to assimilate the children into our home. Make them feel like they belonged BUT remember, they go back to their parents. The two boys that we had in our home were both up for adoption, there were no parents to go back to. We knew some day we would have to let them go, but try telling that to a heart that allows a child to nestle in where he feels safe. We fell in love with Paul and Adam. They became a part of our family. I put their pictures on the wall next to Larry and Craig’s. If we treated them differently, they would always know they didn’t belong and that is not why we became foster parents. We wanted to make a difference in the life of a child, however small, however short, if we gave enough love for him to carry the rest of his life, we had done our part.
Thanksgiving came with a slight chill in the air. I bundled Adam and Paul in some warm clothing and their new coats. The six of us loaded up in the car and headed for grandma’s for a feast. Adam was delighted. He ate everything he could get his hands on. He did not refuse any food, including the beets. He ate ravenously which caused me some concern. He did that at home but never to this extent. He ate so much that he eventually threw-up most of his dinner on grandma’s new carpet. I contacted my pediatrician on Monday for an appointment. Adam had already been there for a check-up but this binging was getting worst. I also, did not see any weight gain to account for the vast amounts of food that he was taking in. The doctor checked him for diabetes and a few other things that would explain his appetite. Everything was negative. The doctor explained that it could be his way of reacting to the trauma of losing his family. So we kept an eye on him for any changes. Eventually, he realized he did not have to gulp his food, and he would get plenty to eat. The binging got a little better as time went on.
It did not take long before Adam was potty trained, he learned everything so quickly yet, he continued to grieve his Mommy. I found out from the case worker that the foster parents had traveled to the State capital to try and get him back but they were refused. They were devastated at the loss. If they only knew that Adam was as devastated as them. If DYFS only cared.
I liked to make a game out cleaning the house. I would put some music on the radio, dance around dusting while Paul laughed in his playpen and Adam would dance with me. I had a canister vacuum cleaner and Adam would lie on top of it as I pulled it around the room. It was their fun time and it made my housework go faster.
One day while I was cooking dinner, Adam was playing on the floor nearby. I heard him say, “Mommy?” I looked down at him and he was pointing at me. He said it again with his little head turned to the side and like a light bulb had gone off he said, “Mommy-my home.”
I picked him up and gave him a big hug. I said, “Yes, Adam, this is your home.”
What was I to say? This child had taken us into his heart as well and found a home with us. He heard my children call me Mom, so that is who I must be.
I got a phone call one day from Eleanor giving me an update on Paul and Adam’s cases. Nothing new was happening with Paul but it looked like Adam was going to be released for adoption soon. I was a bit disappointed with the thought we would have to give him up. I asked her if they had an adoptive family and if not, how long it would take.
“Oh, that won’t be for some time yet,” she said.
About two weeks after that phone call, Eleanor called again. She told me that Adam’s case was heard and the judge released him for adoption and the husband’s cousin was granted the right to adopt him. I was flabbergasted! How can this be? She said the cousin would never get him because there would be contact with the father. If the court wanted him to be kept away from the father, why were they doing this? She had no answer and said she was as shocked as me. She said she would let Adam get used to the new family by arranging day visits once a week until he was ready to go with them.
I hung up the phone feeling numb. I looked at Adam and tears welled up in my eyes. I thought, I can’t believe they are doing this to you again.
We discussed the phone call at dinner, using code words so Adam would not know what we were talking about. My sons were as confused as us. Even as children, they understood that the move did not seem right, but we had no say in the matter.
A week later Eleanor picked up Adam for his first visit. He was gone about three hours and came home with a robot toy like a transformer. The visit was in the office and all went well. Eleanor said Adam was very friendly with his “soon-to-be family”. She thought that it went so well that she arranged another visit for the following week. I did get a little more information about the adoptive family. There was never any mention of a father in the family. The cousin worked in a day care center that was mostly Spanish speaking so Adam would get the opportunity to learn a new language. That is not very hard for a two year old, much easier than if he were an adult. He was also going to live in one of the worst, crime ridden cities in the state. Of course, we all know that urban life can be a wonderful experience for a child and there was no need to worry about his safety, he would be well cared for.
I could not help but worry about Adam and how another move would affect him. Eleanor assured me that children of his age soon forget. They are resilient, they bounce back. Those words did not bring me comfort.
By mid-week I got a phone call from Eleanor telling me that they had decided (DYFS) that Adam could go with his new family this following weekend. I was to have all of his possessions packed when she came to pick him up. I told her I didn’t understand, I thought he was going to get several visits, he didn’t know these people, it would be too traumatic for him! Evidently, what I thought or assumed, did not matter. I had no say, he was not my child.
The day that Adam left came all too soon. I did my best not to cry in front of him. I packed his bags and left them in his room so he would not see them until it was time to go. Eleanor was prompt and did not waste any time when she got into the house. I put Adam’s coat and hat on him and smiled and laughed about a trip he was going on. Eleanor picked him up and rushed him out to the car. He waved bye-bye, Mommy. My heart was breaking as I prayed for his life to be full of love and hope. She drove off with a life force that filled my house with laughter and wonderment. I hoped that this would be his last move and that the new Mommy waiting for him would be everything he needed.

Commentary: This story is meant to inspire people that feel a calling in their life to foster a child. As much as the system may fail many children, it is the only system that we have. Loving homes are the only answer to the pain some of these children experience.
According to national statistics, as of 2016, there were more than half a million children in foster care. Interested parties can contact their local children’s services for information on becoming a foster parent.

Note: Some names have been changed in this article for legalities. We never heard anything more about Adam after he left. He would be 35 years old today.


June 7, 2017



Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming soon and we will honor those lost in the many wars our nation has fought. If you grew up during the Vietnam War you may know someone that fell during that long war. In order not to forget, small towns all over the country will conduct parades and services for our fallen heroes.

In our world, as bereaved parents, Memorial Day does not come once a year but every day as we remember and honor our children. Our services may be of the heart but they are just as real and important to us as any large scale celebration could ever be.

As the years pass our daily services might change, but they remain grounded in the love we have for our sons and daughters. They remain a “parent’s tribute” to the one that could light up our life with joy and make us smile in the darkest times.

We celebrate their lives every time we mention their name, help another in honor of them, light a candle to show their light still shines, arrange their picture on the wall or hold something dear that was dear to them, close to our heart.

We will always try to keep our child’s memory alive. It is a vital part of our grief journey. It satisfies that innate need to finish out the life our child never got to live.


Independence Day

Another holiday is approaching and for a grieving parent it is usually full of dread. July 4th is full of family activities and you might find yourself wanting to go and hide somewhere until it is over. It is supposed to be a celebration of freedom, but you might not feel very free from your grief.

Like most holidays the anticipation is usually worse than the day itself. The thought of facing another holiday without your child is just too heavy a burden to carry. Something you need to know is; you don’t have to celebrate the holiday if you don’t want to. You don’t have to make preparations, get together with family and friends and force yourself to join in the festivities. If you do not feel up to a big celebration than do something else. Yes, do something totally different, but do not stay home alone.

Go on a day trip that will be full of sights and sounds. Hit ever ice cream parlor between here and Hickory or if your passion is chocolate make it candy stores and indulge. Go hiking, horse-back riding, or visit a zoo. Take in movies all-day-long.

You decide what will bring you some pleasure and don’t let guilt creep in and steal it away. You need to take care of yourself and finding a diversion from your grief for one day, can be a good thing. Go, enjoy the 4th of July.


New Season

Another season is approaching which has proven to be another grief trigger for most. It is a sign of moving forward into another season that is full of clean fresh scents and sights sparked by the beauty of nature. It is also a reminder that we move into a new season without our child, and we may wonder if it will ever be different. Will we ever heal from trauma that left us shattered and torn?

We are told by the experts and those who have never experienced our loss that time will heal our pain. They fail to mention that the memoires we carry with us will always bring our grief to the surface. That is why the things we call triggers; birthdays, death dates, holidays, special vacations, graduations, etc. take us back to when our child lived, reminding us that they are not here.

So how can time heal when our memories will forever follow us into the future? We will always see our child yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I came across an article online that seems to open the door to the acceptance that time is not a healer, it helps us to grieve our way, in our time and unapologetic. Here is a sample:

“To say that time does not heal allows a person to reconcile herself to the longevity of the grieving process. It relieves her from the burden of having to observe any arbitrary deadlines for the aching.”   Impatient With Grief, Today’s Christian Woman by Jean Polluck Michel.



“May your today be better than your yesterday.” That quote could have been written by a bereaved parent. We often wonder if our tomorrow will ever be better than today.

Thanksgiving is less then a month away and for some, it will be one of those “firsts”. For those who are new to this grief journey, know that the anticipation is worse than the actual holiday.

Some of us are not feeling very thankful for anything, the pain is too harsh, too disabling, too distracting from anything good.

If we look deep enough in our hearts we can draw out the memories that our child left behind and find that we are thankful for something. We find good wholesome memories tucked away that cause our hearts to swell with love and admiration for our child. I guess we do have something to be thankful for. Our child lived and that brought endless memories because as long as we live-they live.

Share your Thanksgiving with someone if you can and you will find a blessing in giving that will soften your sorrow.

When the Dust Settles

July 3, 2016

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Devotion: The Vine

May 15, 2016



I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. KJV John 15:5



My son cut down five tall walnut trees and built a rail fence around a section of our backyard. He left the bark; giving the fence a rustic look. Not long after the fence was up we noticed new growth on some of the posts. One in particular has at least ten new branches growing. The walnut tree obviously had so much sap in its core that it has caused new life to spring forth, even though the tree itself is dead. Think about that. Isn’t that how the Lord has set us to live in Him. His grace courses through our being; through our veins and arteries to our very soul. It is that life giving substance (grace) that causes us live in HIM, though we are dead. ( I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live John 11:25). The grace is there. We do not have to earn it or work for it. It will carry us through life and keep us connected to Him as if we are a new growth of His love.



Father God thank you for your life giving grace that sustains us in your kingdom and is always sufficient enough.

(c) 2016


May 7, 2016

It has been nine years since my husband and I lost our youngest child. Nine years and soon it will be ten. I remember thinking years ago, “I don’t know where he is.” The thought pierced through my brain over and over again reflective of the agony my soul was feeling. The pain and sorrow was so great that my mind was just fog, floating freely where my logical thoughts used to be. Hearing those words repeating in my head just added to my torment.

I knew in my heart that my son was saved. I knew the word said that to be absent from the body was to be present with the Lord. I knew Craig had given his life to the Lord and yet, I could not see where he was. I could not see heaven from where I stood.

For a newly bereaved parent you can’t go through a day without wondering where your child is and what he is doing? If you are a believer you imagine your child happy and fulfilled, surrounded by the loving arms of the Lord. You can see it- in your imagination. Sometimes that is not good enough. Sometimes, you need assurance that what you imagine, what you believe, is true. You are placed at a point in your life when your faith is tested beyond breaking. Believe and stand by it or doubt and suffer from it.

It does not seem fair that when you are at your lowest point in your life, your faith is tested so greatly. You are weak, you can barely get up in the morning, you want to be with your child and for many parents, you want to die. How in the world are you going to face this test when you have no strength?

I kept telling myself, “He is fine, he is with the Lord and He is the happiest he has ever been.” It helped to repeat those words, but I still could not see Heaven from here. I needed to experience that with my five senses. I needed to know beyond a doubt. I needed the Lord to show me.

I am not alone in my feelings. I have meant many Christians that have experienced the same wonder, the same agony. It does not mean we are not strong Christians. It does not mean that our faith is less than it should be. It means we are suffering, we still love the Lord and still believe in His promises, and our faith is being tested beyond our wildest dreams. Many people will experience loss but few will truly know the sting of death and the victory. It is not a place that any parent wants to go. It is not a place you can ever imagine until you are there.

There comes a time when pain is so overwhelming that you can no longer feel. Imagine a physical pain in one part of your body. It overcomes your whole countenance. You struggle with the agony of the pain and don’t realize that in the midst of your pain, your other body parts are numb; they don’t exist because the pain is too intense to allow any affection for the rest of your body. This is how your spirit feels when it lies in agony. You don’t feel the sun on your cheek or a gentle hand on your shoulder. You can’t receive the words of encouragement from loved ones or the soft voice of God in your heart. Oh, He is there and so are you, but pain has taken over and all you can do is cry out, My God, My God Why hast thou forsaken me. I don’t say that with any disrespect toward my Lord. No one has ever suffered as greatly as Him. We can’t embrace His suffering but what we find in our lives is that it sometimes feels like abandonment, and we just can’t see Heaven from here.


(c) 2016


May 7, 2016

HPIM0834You have heard the scripture, “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.” NIV Rev 2:4

The Lord is speaking to the church of Ephesus, but long before this revelation, was a man who left his first love and the result brought destruction to his life and everything around him.

When Adam was created by Elohim and placed in the garden he developed a relationship with the Father that we can hardly imagine. He walked every day with the living God. They talked and listened to one another. God taught Adam what he needed to know.

Elohim saw that Adam needed a helper so He created Eve. At this point Adam had already named the animals and gotten to know them. There was no cycle of life. No survival of the fittest. Each being lived in harmony with all of creation. All was as God intended it to be.

Adam and Eve seemed to hit it off pretty well. Adam felt a closeness to Eve that is mentioned in Gen. 2:23. He describes Eve as the bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. You really can’t get much closer than that.

You know the rest of the story; Eve found her way to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and was tempted by the serpent. The bible doesn’t say much about what lead up to this event. We know that God gave the pair free will to decide for themselves what they will do. Just as the angels in heaven had the choice to decide who they would follow, so did Adam and Eve.

No sin had been committed before the pair ate from the tree; however, something took place for them to follow the sinful path that they did. Look at the story and it makes sense when you factor in the moving away from God to other pleasures. For Eve it was what the serpent offered her; wisdom, knowledge and power. Remember, she was a help mate to Adam. She was second in charge, not first.

Adam had a life before Eve. He had a relationship with Elohim yet; he left his first love and focused on Eve. In Gen 2:24 it says that because the woman was taken from man he shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. That is exactly what Adam did however; he put Eve above his father. He did more than just cling to Eve; he made her his first love and turned away from his Lord.

When Eve offered Adam the fruit the bible does not record any objection from Adam. He took it and put it to his mouth and ate of the fruit knowing he was going against his God. He appeared to do it without any hesitation. He followed Eve when he was supposed to lead. He got his priorities out of order. There is a saying; God first, then family and country. Sounds about right except Adam did not do that, and so we find ourselves living in a world full of sin and destruction.

When Adam was told not to eat of the tree he was told why. The Lord told him he would surely die. The Hebrew word for die is (matoth) which means to die, kill or execute. Interesting that the word can mean execute because that is what happened. Adam’s SIN executed the spirit within Adam. Adam was a living soul but he had a spirit. When he died his spirit left him. What happened at this point? He no longer had a spirit or glorified body. He had a fleshly body; one that was as corrupt as the sin that defiled it. Everything changed. No longer could he walk in the garden with his Lord, but he could no longer live in a place made for perfected man.

God is a spirit and we are told the only way to communicate with Him is through the spirit. “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” NIV John 4:24

Adam would learn the hard way how to find his way back to God. He would suffer the consequences of his sin in a harsh way. He left his first love and now he was dead and all the earth was cursed because of his and Eve’s actions. Makes you wonder if they didn’t look up at the stars at night and talk about what they had done and reminisce about the garden. Adam did not die until eight generations of descendants were born. He was 930 years old. Imagine the stories he passed down to his offspring which included; Seth, Enoch, and Methuselah, the oldest recorded human in the bible and the grandfather of Noah. Methuselah died the year the flood happened. Firsthand accounts of the beginning of creation were made all the way down to the flood. You have to ask how could the world become so corrupt when the first man lived through eight generations, a man who walked with God and knew Him? Perhaps, seeing the decay in the generations was felt horrifically by Adam since he knew it was because of him that man was born with a nature to sin.

Eve is not exempt from the whole issue of death and corruption. In fact, she sinned before Adam. If Adam had left his first love, Elohim, then Eve must have done the same. What caused her to be enticed by the serpent and to be drawn to the tree in the first place? The pair had a spirit, they had a perfect body and they were void of a nature to sin, yet they did. They had one thing that existed with the angels and that was free will.

One third of heaven decided they would follow Lucifer instead of El Shaddai. No one knows exactly what that number was but any number was too many. It is a mystery how it all came together, but sin entered heaven and then it entered the world. It was in the garden because the serpent was there. It was confined to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, yet Eve found it and pursued it. She did just what the angels did as she was tempted by the master of sin. She went looking for answers, she went looking for something she did not have or thought she did not have. She went looking for perhaps, independence from God. She had a motive and she had a will and the serpent used them both against her. She had already placed something above God whether it was Adam or self, she left her first love as well as Adam did.

Once God is no longer first in your life, you face temptations that you never thought were possible. Your focus changes, your will becomes more lustful instead of His desires. This is usually where we start out in life. Moving forward from salvation toward making God your first love is what we do as a new born-again Christian. It is the spirit drawing us toward Him and placing Him always before our face.

Adam and Eve began their lives with God as their first love and they went forward into the darkness of sin and laid out the path for the rest of mankind.

Praise our Lord God Almighty that He did not give up on us. He made a way when we didn’t deserve it. He loved us so. He gave the sacrifice for us so we could walk in the garden with Him once again. He came to us in the flesh; in a miserable world of vile, gross and disgusting sin, and let it fall on his shoulders so we can be with Him. He made the way because our sacrifice could not touch it. There was nothing we could do to correct the mess we were in.

There is only one thing for us to do now. Make Him our first love, forever. If you want to be with Him after this life, you need to make Him first in this one.


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Emotional Range-Separation From Land etc.

November 30, 2015

Potomac Park Camp 1946

July 25th



If you know something about conditions in your local church you can’t help if you hit on it. I’d rather not know a thing. Some will come and say, “Did you know so and so?”

God doesn’t put any testing or proving on us unless we are qualified; built up in the faith. He has first given us the word to do something with it. If not accepted-truth-something in our nature will deteriorate and be destroyed. I know what God is doing with me. I like to know a little bit about this strange being or personality. I am a trinity. I am more than that. We react continually to the thought processes. I have a mind and I must think right thoughts. Think on these things. For as a man thinketh in his heart-so is he. God makes his approach through it. Study to show thyself approved-apply yourself. Jesus dealt with the emotional side of people mostly.  The general approach is to the heart where they lived. In the four gospels He continually deals with love, hatred, jealousy, (make a study of that). Man is an emotional creature and out of order. I have an intellectual life which He is dealing with and an emotional. Power to say you will become the whole determining factor.

I don’t know which day or hour I was saved or where, but in interim of several months. I don’t make patterns, everyone is different. You are either a saint or a sinner. There has to come a place of real decision. You have had to give individually your assent. Our lives are reckoned according to our wills and spirits before God. God judges us by the choices we make continually-we may know yards of truth and not know at all. Therefore knowledge was not enough to qualify him in the realm of heaven. The thief on the cross-got as far as paradise, that’s all. The thief had not had time to build up and qualify; making him capable for that fellowship God would have with him in heaven. God speaks about an abundant entrance. Only the applying of the blood will never qualify you.

God can take an individual and so work upon him without destroying his individuality or personality; he becomes a living miracle. Some have an emotional temperament, others stoical. You can’t judge people whether they are expansive in their emotional by that, it is no price on spirituality at all. Some can get blessed in their emotional range, doesn’t mean that they are holier than all. Some people get blessed so they shout, sing and dance, no sign you are spiritual. God doesn’t care how much you can get blessed at all. He looks right past that, He knows that I not the measuring rod-where you live and what you are, it is lower than this, it is in here, down several inches below-in my heart where I have made choices and decisions for Him.

Here I am Lord-yes Lord. We are not living on how much I know about Jesus, but it is in the YES LORD!

Don’t be confused and robbed, don’t get it confused with the emotional-the emotional is only the effect because you had an experience. Will you be obedient to the thing I’ll ask you to do? Faith-command, launch out into the deep. The Lord has a miracle for you and you are still standing there reasoning with Him. Peter reasoning with Him; “I fished there all night, etc.” Natural man first, then that which I spiritual. Faith can only exercise where everything in the natural is out of reason. We try every last thing before faith. He has a right to shift that boat. Don’t stay by the shore. It involves a process of separation. Separated from the people-already in the boat. (It is a )marvelous place to get out with the Lord in a little boat even though it tips. Be thankful; just stay in that little boat. For a little while you can detect some people on the shore. That is grass. All flesh is grass.

Later on…? Certain flowers were grass. When that boat gets out far enough and you say all flesh is grass—that is a separation. I believe in the fellowship, by and by God lets me know they are human too. Separations may be even from the legitimate human relations. He is getting us ready for the miracle.

Heavenly, beautiful visitation will involve just those that are in the boat. Where are you taking me-out in the deep? You rest in the negation; in your will and obedience, in your surrendered will. Separation begins with a child of God when coming out of the world. Move in disciple fellowship.


If you wish to be a disciple do thus and so; another separation. If you will come into a disciple relationship you have to separate from legitimate things. You already hate the world, flesh and the devil. Here is something else. That which would mar and hinder the effulgence of the light. If you walk with God He is going to separate you more and more.

Five years ago you were different, you can’t do them now-anything that blurs or hinders or mars; you turn-hate it, but for what it will do… You don’t hate your father and mother because of what they are to you, but because of what they can do to hinder your best for God.

More and more of a separation as you go on, deflected Jesus from the cross. If it deflects, hate it, anything. Separation from people, world, nature, things, principles, persons, whole set-up, hate it, reject it, separate from it. Move out into an entirely new atmosphere, go out into the deep. I determine and you determine how deep you want to go by what, by how far you are separated. Just as far as you go deeper it will get. What will determine it-just how far I am separated. Just as deep as I want to go.

*Brazen laver not measured-you determine it all.

The net is livelihood.  It threw your life right overboard. Nature. Holding on with your fingers. You say you have to be practical. Blessed opportunities, developments you never dreamed of, took you all this time to get them. Had enough for all fishes. Something to give to all. More abundant, exceedingly more than we can ask or think.

*The Brazen Laver is second of two objects located in the Tabernacle’s Outer Court. It represents baptism. (Looks like a cup used to wash the hands)

Grief Like No Other

July 21, 2014

There will come a time in everyone’s life that they will loose someone they love. It is the cycle of life, uncontrollable and probably the hardest thing that most people will ever experience. Grief is not talked about in society because it makes people feel bad. It is something that happens but society does not want to acknowledge its lasting affect. The terms, “move-on, get-over-it” are echoed from friends, family and employers. It is even being addressed by the psychiatric community in some cases as “mental illness”.

Why does society view grief as if it does not exist? Is it because it occurs every day? Something that happens that often must not be so bad, or in the least can be resolved in a short period of time. Perhaps, that is the problem. Society does not want to recognize that which can have a life long affect on the emotions and being of a person. The best way to deal with sorrow is to push it aside and pretend it does not exist. Put on your happy face and go about your business each day and you can even convince yourself that grief can be put to sleep.

There are different types of grief. We can be prepared for the death of a loved one through a long term illness or an elderly parent or grandparent. We can feel that death is a relief to the sufferer and “let them go”. No matter how we accept the death of a loved one, nothing prepares us for a life without them.

Website boards are full of memorials left for loved ones. Poems are written every day in memory of someone dear. The perspective that a person can quench their grief by ignoring it has been proven wrong many times over. The shelves are full of self-help books on releasing grief.

There are circumstances that can complicate grief. Sudden death and even the manner of death can cause extraordinary pain. Murder in particular has elements associated with it that most people never have to deal with such as, an arrest and trial that can take many months and even years to be settled. Hearing gruesome details of a loved ones demise can ring forever in a persons’ head. Nightmares of horrible crime scenes are a reality for victim’s families.

Grief like no other comes by way of loosing a child. It does not even need to be mentioned that the loss of child is beyond any comprehension for a parent. No one wants to think or talk about it, but that is not realistic.
According to the National MCH Child Death Review the mortality rate in 2006 for children under the age of 19 was over 530,000. In addition, most people under the age of 50 that die leave a parent behind. Does it matter how old a child is? Ask a grieving parent that lost their child at any age and the answer is no.

There is a shearing pain that rips through the heart when a parent is given the news about the death of their child. The soul just screams a blatant NO, and from that moment that parent is never the same person.

No program, no medicine, no therapy can cure a grieving parent. They are forever bereaved parents. People like to fix things. Family members and friends might think they need to do something that will cheer-up a grieving parent. Part of it is because they too grieve and they do not want to see their loved one so hurt. Time changes that in many cases and intolerance sets in. Complaints are heard from those closest to the situation like; “Grieving parents talk about their child too much, They have too many pictures displayed in their home, and They never got rid of things and erected a shrine.”

The question is when is the right time to put away a beloved child? When is it right for a parent to move on and remove all signs that their child ever lived? When should a parent stop talking about their child because it makes other people uncomfortable?

Try asking these questions instead; why does a grieving parent keep their child’s things where they can see them? Why does a parent talk about their child so much? Why did that grieving parent create a memorial garden for their child? The answer is simple-love.
For a grieving parent their child’s life continues in their heart. As long as that child remains there, he is still alive. It brings great joy to a parent to hear their child’s name spoken. Why? It means that they are not forgotten. The greatest fear is that their child will be forgotten by family and friends. Monuments are built to great men- that is ok. Monuments are built to honor people-that is ok. Monuments are built to remember-that is ok, but let a grieving parent build the same for their child, and something is wrong with them.

Describing the loss of a child is an impossible task because there are no words for it. The pain will be with a parent the rest of their life. They have lost a part of their life and living even one more day is a challenge. Everything becomes before and after their child. When they look at a picture they date it before or after. Moving into a new year is another year without them. Many thoughts in their daily lives bring them back to their child. It can not be avoided. It is not something that try to do, it just happens. It may become less as years roll away, but it never goes away. Professionals treat grieving parents for depression and post traumatic stress syndrome. It may be adequate to label the symptoms of grief in such a way, but it does not cure it.

The best thing someone can do for a grieving parent is to let them know they remember their child. Call them on the holidays; call them on birthdays and yes, the death anniversary. Give them pictures and relate memories that you have of their child. Donate to a charity in their child’s name. Most important, hug them, love them and cry with them.

Self help organizations have proven to be beneficial for grieving parents. One organization is the Compassionate Friends. It is a worldwide organization that started in the 1960s in England when a chaplain introduced two grieving families. It has since grown to include 50 chapters in the world and over 600 chapters in the United States. Other organizations are Healing Hearts for Bereaved Parents, Share Organization and Miss Foundation.

It is hard enough for a parent to loose a child, but when family and friends avoid them because they do not know how to handle the grief, it adds another loss to their already broken heart.

Grief Watch: Support Croup Listing

The Compassionate Friends

The National MCH Center for Child Death Review

(c) 2014 Vickie Van Antwerp