News Flash: American Troops Sent to Africa

Ugandan districts affected by Lords Resistance...

Image via Wikipedia

How many wars is Obama going to get the United States involved in? Fair question don’t you think? He has complained since he got into office how he inherited the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq yet, we are now involved in Libya and Africa. Quietly informing the press on Friday, October 14, 2001, Obama stated that he has sent 100 troops to central Africa to combat the Lord’s Resistance Army. He further states that the troops will be deployed to South Sudan, the Congo, Democratic Republic and the Central African Republic. The troops will serve as advisers to help defeat the adversary known for killing and  enslaving children for the past 20 year. The goal is to remove the leader, Joseph Konly from power. He is wanted by the International Criminal Court.

Ok, I am convinced he is a bad guy and the Lord’s Resistance Army needs to go. The problem with this deployment of American soldiers is it expands our policing of the world to areas that have no rule, no real government and no goals for democracy. You can find this kind of chaos all over the world. Are we to send our troops to far off places so we can kill the bad guys according to Obama? Where will this lead and how does this make Americans any safer? How is this move for our national security? A pattern is emerging and it is one of assassination of leaders that Obama has sentenced to death.

Something just doesn’t feel right. We are killing off world leaders that we don’t like and giving Mexican drug cartel guns to use on Americans. What is wrong with this picture?


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